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From the choice of seed

Our solid agronomic base together with our wide experience allows us to carry out the management of our crops in an integral way.

From the choice of the seed, with high quality standards, to the harvesting stage, at the optimum organoleptic and maturity moment.

We monitor our crops weekly together with our experienced growers, a fundamental part of our method of understanding the field.

We choose the best farms at an Agronomical level, for greater security in the supply and professional knowledge of their managers.

All this creates a team with strong roots, capable of producing the best products with excellent agronomic quality and food safety. We value the importance of our growers, their experience and know-how; basic and fundamental to obtain the desired product.

Respect for the enviroment

We cultivate with the utmost respect for the environment, the medium in which we develop our work and vital activity. We do not understand the field if it is not in the long term, in a sustained and respectful way. We base our agronomic principles on the Manual of Good Agricultural Practices, always in communion with the rational use and “minimum impact” of the environment in which we operate.

We work with passion and enthusiasm in the environment we are so passionate about and of which we are an active and conscientious part.

Human and Mechanic Team

Ultracongelados Campoverde has an exceptional human and mechanical team to carry out our crops and harvests. Crop safety is fundamental to bring an excellent product to the table.

Harvesting safety assures us that the product will be harvested in a precise way, complying with quality standards. This precision harvesting together with an effective transport, will allow us to freeze our product in a record period of time so that its organoleptic and sensory properties are not diminished, bringing the freshness and quality of our field to the consumer’s table.